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Make $40 per hour using an ATM

Get Paid $40 per hour using an ATM


I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way someone is going to pay me to make ATM transactions.  Well think again.  As written in other posts, I’m a big fan of mystery shopping and they do pay for mystery shopping ATMs too.


What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a job where a company pays you to pose as customer and then complete an online survey to tell things the company wants to know about your visit.  Things like the store cleanliness, courtesy of staff, quality of product, and others things the company deems important. The company will pay you a set fee and reimburse you a set dollar amount for any purchase.


What are the hours?

You make up the hours and days you want to work by accepting assignments in your area.  The mystery shopping companies have online portals that display all available shops and payments offered. You simply click on the shops you wish to perform and the schedulers will assign the shop to you.  You decide to how many shops you want to apply, the locations, and the times you want to complete them.  There’s no requirement on how many and how often you must complete shops.


I think it’s the ideal gig for anyone who wants to work part time hours and needs flexibility.  It’s great for stay-at-home moms, students, retirees, or anyone to needs to make some extra cash.

Is it a job?

It’s not a job in the technical sense.  You’re considered an independent contractor, which means the company will pay you a flat fee for each shop and that’s it.  There’s no benefits and you’ll receive a 1099 every year for your total earnings.  It will be up to you to include payments it in your income tax return and pay taxes if due.

One of my favorite mystery shopping companies

One of my favorite mystery shopping companies is ATH Power Consulting.  They specialize in providing mystery shopping services for banks, which I find among the best paying shops.  


They pay for all kinds of different shops,

  • New account inquiries

  • Opening an account

  • Teller transactions

  • Apply for a mortgage

  • Apply for a credit card

  • ATM transactions


I like completing shops for them because

  1. It gives me mad money.  Over several months I was able to save over $1500 for our family vacation.

  2. As a banker, I like to see what other banks are offering.  


The ATM shops

Last month ATH Power started their routine ATM survey in which they compare the ATMs at different banks and how well they perform in various transactions.


The shops paid $20 each and the time comittment for each one was about 30 minutes (10 minutes at the ATM performing the transactions and then 20 minutes to answer the survey questions at home).  That’s a sweet $40 per hour!


Towards the end of the month, when they had to get all the remaining shops done, the pay went up to $40 per shop!  Sweet!


What are the requirements?

You’ll obviously need an account at the bank.  I didn’t, so I opened a checking and savings.  When making the ATM transactions, you need to keep track of things like timing, number of screens, and any marketing messages. They give you complete instructions for each shop.  


How do you get started?

Simply complete the ATH Power online application for new mystery shoppers. (Tell them Banker X referred you and maybe they will give me a small referral fee.)  If approved, you receive instructions on how to access the shopper portal and how to qualify for their shops.


Caution: Be Careful of Mystery Shopping Scams

I’ve seen a lot of mystery shopping scams in the bank,  Here’s some simple rules to follow:

  • NEVER cash large checks and then wire them to someone you don’t know.

  • NEVER pay to join a mystery shopping company.

  • NEVER pay money to a company to see their list of jobs.


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